The History

A source of inspiration and new beginnings

The origins of Fonte Fresca

Fonte Fresca means “fresh spring.” A source of inspiration and new beginnings. The name was coined during the rebuilding of the old farmhouse.

Fonte Fresca was rebuilt between 2000 and 2006 in the typical Marchian style with large river stone walls up to 60 centimeters thick. “Warm in winter and cool in summer!”

In 2000, the former English owner saw a photo of an old ruin on an Italian real estate agent’s website. The photo and place, the natural area and above the Caves of Frasassi, intrigued her and she decided to visit the place with the ruin. Arriving at the place and walking through the area, she fell in love with both the surroundings and the dilapidated house. She decided to buy the ruin and have it completely rebuilt over 6 years resulting in the beautiful B&B Fonte Fresca. Since that time she has run the B&B on her own with great success and received many visitors from all over the world.

On television

In 2022 the time had come for the owner, she was now 77 years old, to put the B&B up for sale. We were running a B&B for Dutch owners in Le Marche for six months in 2022 and were looking for a B&B of our own. And so it happened … we met the then owner, became friends and bought the B&B in 2023. Happy to continue her work and welcome you to Fonte Fresca!

About the B&B with the previous English owner “Maggie” and the beautiful surroundings an episode appeared on Italian television. Nice to watch for inspiration for your visit.

Impression Photos