About Us

We are Riemke & René

About Us

We are Riemke and René. In 2022 we ran a B&B for Dutch owners in Le Marche for half a year. This gave us the opportunity to gain experience in running a B&B, but also to get to know the people and the region!

Falling in love with little Tuscany

During this time we literally fell in love with this green region of Italy, which is not called little Tuscany for nothing. The friendliness and geniality of the people, the beautiful nature, the wonderful beaches and the picturesque villages and historic towns stole our hearts.

Welcome to B&B Fonte Fresca

We also got to know and appreciate Italian cuisine even better! And of course, not forgetting the fantastic wines of the region. We often referred our guests to our favorite restaurants, where they could enjoy the typical local dishes. Small restaurants where mother and daughter were in the kitchen to prepare these fantastic dishes, but also culinary restaurants with an extensive Italian menu and fine wines. And of course, we also showed our guests the way to cozy and delicious pizza restaurants!

Found your own B&B!

During the six months in Le Marche we searched for a B&B for ourselves and finally found it! We have sold our house in the Netherlands and from June 2023 we can welcome you as our guests in our own B&B Fonte Fresca!

We look forward to share our experiences with you and welcome you warmly!

Welcome to Fonte Fresca!

Riemke and René